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Marine Services

Marine Surveys

We can provide you with a detailed and comprehensive Small Craft Survey Report, which could be for a pre-purchase, insurance, valuation or as part of an accident investigation.

General Marine Care

Taking care of your boat whilst you are away is something we do very well. General maintenance and cleaning, safety checks if its on a remote mooring, and overhaul services of Lewmar and Harken deck winches to name but a few.  

Call-Ahead & Marine Concierge

If you are travelling down from London or the Midlands (or further) to spend the weekend on your yacht or powerboat, the last thing you want to do when you get to it, is take off all the winter covers, top up the water, stock the fridge with food or wine. So if you know you are coming down, let us do all that for you, so that you can turn up, step aboard and start sailing straight away. Likewise, at the end of the day, weekend or longer trip, do you really want to clean up the bins, clean the toilets, sinks, drain down the water or holding tanks? Probably not ! We can do all that for you !

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